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Ela Hardy

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Oil Painting is Ela’s passion. 

Having dabbled with all other mediums, she loves the richness and the depth that can be obtained with oil paint, and the way it comes to life on the canvas. Ela is most interested in still life, especially big, ripe, juicy fruit and loves to add a touch of surrealism to her paintings.

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Carole Bann

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I am a strong believer in the value of drawing as part of the creative process. I love drawing and nature, the detail, the elements that are missed by a fleeting glance, the beauty of our environment.  I invite the viewer to look deeper, draw them in and offer another level of engagement.

I usually work in MetalPoint (24ct gold, pure silver wire), Coloured pencil and/or Graphite.

These mediums allow for the precision, control of detail and depth of the work I enjoy. 

MetalPoint is a technique that has been used since the time of the old masters and there are very few artists using this medium now. MetalPoint is all consuming, knowing one wrong mark can ruin hours of work My other medium of choice is coloured pencil, Coloured pencil is finally coming into its own as a recognised fine art medium both these mediums suit my style for detail.

The Skeleton is a combination of Metalpoint (24ct gold, pure silver wire), and coloured pencil to give the softness and delicacy that is needed to portray such a fragile object. 

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Amanda Anderson

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Amanda Anderson has studied drawing and oil painting with Trevor Newman and pen and wash with John Mathieson. She is a member of AAS and has attended numerous workshops with Australian and overseas artists in both oil and watercolour. More recently her affection for dogs and passion for drawing has culminated in dog portraits. Pastel is the perfect medium to capture their expression and bring their eyes to life. She is “drawn to dogs.”

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Gray Hawk

Exquisite, bespoke furniture objects, handmade with outstanding technical excellence by designer-maker Gray Hawk from his studio in Adelaide.

Gray Hawk has been commissioned to design and make bespoke furniture for over 40 years. Steeped in history, tradition and experience—his daily challenge is to generate objects with the utmost integrity, unique art furniture, handmade using locally sourced, wind-felled trees. For this reason Gray uses tools, machines and processes which produce the highest possible quality. Gray is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and the great artistry in his bespoke furniture designs


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Llewelyn Ash

Llewelyn Ash has been working in glass since 2008, Learning to blow glass at the University of South Australia., being guided and mentored by Gabrielle Bisetto and tutored by Tim Shaw. Llewelyn created his own unique and distinctive style, prior to discovering glass he painted and created etching from drawings. He now incorporates his printmaking designs onto the glass using the graphic qualities of line to express ideas.

Llewelyn has always been connected with his surroundings. Growing up in the Adelaide hills enriched his experience of natural flora and fauna. Art began in the home for him with both parents being artists, Glen Ash, well-known for his oil painting and Janet Ayliffe a celebrated water colour painter and print maker. From a young age Llewelyn started drawing the animals he was surrounded by,.. chooks, ducks, dogs, and donkeys. Surfing then became a major part of Llewelyn’s journey, moving down the South Australian coastline along every peninsula.  It was only fitting to fill his drawing books with images of the ocean, with its sea life, and the natural beach landscapes

Llewelyn has recently completed a two year intensive glass blowing training program at the Jam Factory in Adelaide. His work has been exhibited in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in the last two years with achievements including the Design Institute of Australia award, finalist in the Australian National Glass Museum Student Award and Winter lights exhibition Federation square, selected as a Jam Factory Associate,  the Jam Factory Pilchuck Scholarship in Seattle and won the Young Artist for Whyalla Art Prize, Briton sculpture Prize and Waterhouse Youth Art Prize. 

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Cheryl Rogers

I am new to the local Art Scene and have only lived in this area since 2015.

 I have always had an interest in hand crafts of all types but only began doing

Mosaic after attending a class in Goolwa in October 2015.

Mosaic has now become my passion. After having dabbled in Ceramic Mosaics,

 I prefer to work with glass and find pleasing results in both realistic designs as

well as abstract and fantasy.

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Dean Fox

Dean’s inspiration as a sculptor comes from the beautiful environment of Kangaroo Island in South Australia where he lives. The beaches and bush are a constant source of ideas and natural materials.

From a childhood in the Adelaide Hills, a working life in the city, Dean made a lifestyle change to Darwin in the tropical north. Soon a career move led him from insurance to the building and metalwork industry where he learnt the many skills he now employs in his creative work.

A quieter life beckoned and Kangaroo Island’s gentle pace, unique environment and creative energy made it the ideal choice.

Working in metal, recycled copper and brass, Dean has an innate ability to capture the essence of a subject through movement and observation to detail.

“Dean has a technical virtuosity and engages in meticulous work with real sensitivity to materials” – Lisa Slade -  Art Gallery of South Australia.

Dean won the People’s Choice Award at National Wine Centre of Australia – SALA 2015 for his work in copper and brass -  “Beneath”.

Dean shares an open studio and home gallery with his artist partner Jennifer, on Kangaroo Island.

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Tony Carbone

Tony is a master woodcrafter and owner of TC'S Timber Craft.

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David Woolaway

It was David's love of analogue photography that originally lead him to undertake a bachelor of Visual Art & Design in 2004. However, during this time, introduced to the world of digital photography, David became disillusioned with the medium. Driven by the 'process' underlying the creation of an art form, he threw his efforts into studying and learning the technical and hands on skills of Jewellery and Ceramics making.

David completed the Degree in 2007 majoring in both art forms. During this time he also completed a Cert 4 in Opal Cutting, and undertook a Cert 4 in Training and Assessment. Over the next three years David worked as a Visual Arts Lecturer in Jewellery, Opal cutting, Ceramics & Dark room Photography at Tafe O'Halloran Hill. During this Time he also completed a Grad. Dip. in Art History at Adelaide University, and the Art Gallery of SA. This enabled him to explore the theories and history behind his favored mediums.

In 2016 David with his wife Mary moved to Goolwa where they set up their Visual art workshops, Woolaway Studios. It is here that they work in collaboration, creating their art and sharing with others the joy they find in their crafts, running classes in Jewellery, Ceramics & Photography. David’s work as an artist is an ongoing process. It is the result of the dialogue between him, and the materials he uses. He is both informed and motivated by: the materials and their materiality, and the underlying process of construction.


Best Monochrome - Alexandrina Art & Photography Exhibition 2017 Signal Point

o    Owner-operator at Woolaway Studios

o    Former Curator at Victor Harbor Regional Gallery

o    Former Lecturer at O'Halloran Hill TAFE

Each piece of David's jewellery is created, from conception to finish, completely by hand, using Sterling Silver & Precious Gemstones. No two pieces are the same. Commission pieces inquiries are also welcome. 

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Rebecca Hartman-Kearns

Rebecca Hartman-Kearns a graduate of the South Australian School of Art is an exciting artist working in the field of glass.

Rebecca has exhibited in a variety of national galleries such as Adelaide Festival Centre, Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design Centre and the SA Museum's "Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize", Apotz Cruz, Hahndorf Academy and Amy Worth Gallery. Rebecca also had a solo show during the "Art in the East End, Come Out Festival" where she was awarded the "Mancorps Critics Choice Award".

In 2005 the International Glass Art Society Conference was hosted in Adelaide where Rebecca was awarded third prize in the International Student Exhibition. This international recognition of her unique and original work resulted in an invitation to exhibit in a two-person show "Aurora Australis" at the "Luniverre Gallery", Paris. In 2009 Rebecca was one of 3 Australian Glass artists to be invited to exhibit in "Glashart 2009" held in the Netherlands which resulted in her work being collected to appear in the prestigious "Bragotti Gallery", Amsterdam.

Rebecca's work has appeared in Publications such as Craft Arts International as well as the prestigious New Glass Review 26 and again in edition 28, where 895 artists from 40 countries submitted work to be chosen and her work was one of only 100 to be published.

Her passion for exploring new ideas and creative ways of pushing past boundaries in her making process, concept development and presentation, has resulted in Rebecca establishing a significant profile as a South Australian artist.

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Rei Minohara-Starke

Rei Minohara-Starke moved to Australia in 2006. She holds a Bachelor of Science of Arts with Museum Curator and Art Teacher Certifications from Tokyo’s Joshibi University of Art and Design and in Australia graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery Design at the Central Institute of Technology in Perth. Her work has been shown at various galleries and exhibitions around Australia and overseas. She has received a number of awards and commendations including the Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award in 2013. Rei now works from her studio in Victor Harbor. Her work is drawn from feelings and memories and inspired by the quiet beauty of nature; particularly organic form, patterns and rhythms. She uses silver, sometimes gold, to create subtle and exquisite jewellery that reflects the light and shadows of the natural world and connects to the feeling of simple peace and joy that inspires her.

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Kevin Fidderman

I have been mesmerised by the art and skill of woodturning since I first saw it practised when I was a boy.

My speciality is creative design to maximise the inherent beauty in each piece of wood, deliberately allowing the wood to dictate the resultant shape rather than imposing pre-conceived ideas. No two pieces can ever be the same. 

The knotted and gnarled timber that grows in the junction of a trunk and a branch is always a source of amazing colour and texture, as is timber that grows at the base of the trunk where it joins the root system.

Wood turners traditionally use seasoned wood. I have refined specialised techniques for turning and sanding wet or green timber and enjoy the challenge and uncertainty of the drying process which can take many months. The stresses which are part of the tree structure are released, resulting in each piece changing shape in a unique way while developing surface texture and form which reveals the true nature of the wood.

Enjoy woodturning out there on the edge!

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Randall Sach

Randall Sach was introduced to working hot glass in 1993, and what then began as a hobby interest, has now become a consuming passion.

Glass is not a full-time occupation, but does complement and share many similarities to his regular work as a Plastic Surgeon (with Hand Surgery as a major interest).  Common themes include planning and preparation, a technical and scientific basis, manual dexterity, attention to detail, precision, lateral thinking and a creative flair.

His interests remain largely in hot glass, especially cane forms and sculpture.  He enjoys using vibrant colour emphasising translucency, reflectivity, and form to present objects which are strong yet still reflect the fragility of glass.  Much of his work has concentrated on developing anatomic forms in hot glass, with the more recent development of abstract forms exploring glass optics.

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Eamonn Vereker

Eamonn Vereker's glass blowing art is displayed in prominent galleries throughout Australia and around the world. Eamonn is fascinated with the brightness of light in Australia. The contrasts are strong and bold and the different textures offer him a smorgasbord of ideas.  Eamonn is invigorated by the colours, contrasts, vibrancy, richness and brightness that inspires his Australian Glass Collection and Glass Art Exhibition pieces.

The Flinders Range invokes the rugged mountains ranges, spectacular gorges, creeks lined with river gums, abundant wild life, striking colours and tranquil beauty of the landscapes of the Flinders Ranges. Eamonn’s first impression of Australia was that the sky was so big, bright, and endless and so The Outback Range is Eamonn’s most vibrant – and truly shows the bright, strong and energetic colours of Australia. The contrasts are strong and bold and the different textures offer him a smorgasbord of ideas. The sky features strongly in the Outback series and Eamonn asks you to imagine flying over the Australian outback – and look down at the colours, contrasts, patterns and swirls.

The Reef Range represents an integral part of life in Australia – the ocean. Eamonn brings together colour, light and movement to describe in glass, this unique and beautiful underwater world



We exhibit a wide range of exquisite pieces in various sizes and forms from Eamonn's collections. Please feel free to enquire about available works.

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Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw has three degrees in Glassblowing. After attaining his BA (Hons) from North Staffordshire Polytechnic in the UK in the early 80’s, he went on to study at the avant-garde Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam where he continued to develop and experiment creating a unique style of art glass. Upon his return to the UK he established a hot glass workshop in London where he continued his artistic practice. His creative talent was recognized by his peers, and he was invited to undertake his second MA at the prestigious Royal College of Art in London. Here he further refined and honed his glassmaking skills whilst pushing the boundaries of his artistic expression.

My ‘Slash and Cut’ Series take traditional blown forms that I slash and cut with my diamond saw to carve and sculpt the surface. The holes in the piece serve to challenge the viewers’ concept of the vessel as well as allowing the object to be viewed simultaneously from within and without. This process is dangerous and exhilarating at the same time. Whilst I start with a vague plan of attack, the piece often dictates the carving process, and all too often the vessel ceases to exist because I overstep the line, and end up with a pile of broken glass! This radical approach to carving glass, results in works that are steeped in raw energy, yet possess a refined elegance. This balance between form and fragility, coupled with the pieces’ transparency, colour and surface texture allow me to create objects that are uniquely beautiful.

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Meg Caslake and David Pedler

Meg Caslake and David Pedler’s hot glass studio is nestled in the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Surrounded by cherry orchards, they have a beautiful environment in which to create their unique works of glass.

Having met at Adelaide’s renowned Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design Centre, they quickly found that each had an appreciation for the design and production of quality hand-crafted art work.

Both innovative and passionate, Meg and David supply galleries throughout Australia and internationally.

Images of Caslake glass coming soon. We have a range of beautiful pieces in The Gallery at all times. Enquiries welcome!

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Margaret Russell

‘Often the glass guides me to create certain style or combination, sometimes I am inspired by a colour or design or even shape and take my creative idea form there. I use inclusions extensively. These are pieces of glass that I have fused together, then cut on a diamond saw then used as decorative elements in other works. The dominant themes in my work are patterns, inclusions of multi-coloured glass and also my new collaboration with Emma Klau, an artist specialising in blown glass. I create a two dimensional form which then under my direction, Emma blows into a vessel.

Margaret’s work has been exhibited at the Hughes Gallery, Art Images, Ethos Gallery and various SALA group shows.

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Mary Woolaway

Mary was born in Holland and immigrated to Australia in 1972. Graduating a Visual Art Degree in 2010 with a major in Jewellery and minor in Painting, Mary took on a third medium, that of Scraperboard Etching. A delicate, precise process using a small needle like tool and scratching fine lines in a layer of Indian ink, which reveals a clay layer underneath, to create a picture. She also began to set up the Red Shed Studio/Gallery in O’Halloran Hill with her partner, which was officially opened in 2010.

Mary takes her incentive and inspiration for her Scraperboard Etchings from the nature. The challenge of creating a three dimensional work of art on a flat surface by using small lines is a process Mary really enjoys mastering. Her work as an artist is an ongoing process and is the result of the dialogue between her and the material. She is both inspired and motivated by: the materials, the meditative process and the natural environment.

Mary Woolaway Jewellery

Mary has an exquisite range of jewellery. These pieces are currently within The Gallery.

Mary’s Scraperboard Technique

Scraperboard is made up of three layers; hardboard, absorbent kaolin clay and black India ink. I use various tools to scratch the black ink away and create different textures by exposing the white clay below. I prefer to work in black and white but sometimes add watercolours or gouache to the exposed clay. Large and complex pieces can take hundreds of hours to be completed due to the many layers of tiny scratches that cover the board. This can be an unforgiving medium, as you can’t just erase mistakes. Patience is required for this type of art! 

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David Mackay Harrison

David Mackay Harrison is a formidable sculptor of the human body. His languid nudes possess a freedom of form that contributes to their appeal. 

Within the solidness of the bronze medium, David has created a unique sense of movement displaying his brilliance as a sculptor. Using life models he sculpts initially in clay working and reworking to achieve the desired effect. His aim is to capture the femininity of his subjects. 

Aesthetically beautiful, David’s female figures demand to be gazed at. His animals also appeal to our senses. They are executed with an amazing technical precision, and are incredibly tactile. 

David’s work is uncomplicated. No abstract shapes with underlying meanings or messages. No angst or anger here. Just beautiful figures, beautifully executed. Art for arts sake? Make no mistake, David’s sculpture will always be in demand.

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Dudley Siviour

Dudley Siviour was teaching metal craft to high school students in the Riverland in 2007 when Artworx offered him the opportunity of showing in public the unique corrugated iron sculptures he was creating as a hobby.

His pelicans from recylced corrugated and pressed galvanised iron proved to be an instant hit, as were his kangaroos, emus and sheep. Ultimately, he became so busy supplying Artworx that he gave up teaching.

His pieces can now be seen all over the Fleurieu Peninsula and also as far away as Orroroo, in the north of South Australia, where the District Council of Orroroo and Carrieton commissioned Artworx to supply a mob of kangaroos and a pair of life-sized working horses pulling a plough for what has subsequently become a tourist attraction and focal point at the entry into the town.

South Australia's Governor, His Excellency Rear Admiral Kevin Scarce, and Mrs Scarce, are also fans of Dudley's work, with a pelican and a reclining kangaroo holding pride of place in the grounds of Government House. 

With friends salvaging old corrugated iron for him, Dudley turns the iconic Australian building material into a range of animals, fish and birds, including frill-necked lizards, bearded dragons, stingrays, and Murray Cod as well as sheep, kangaroos, emus and horses.

We have a range of Dudley's work available with new pieces arriving regularly.

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