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Jen Kirwan

Photographic Works

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David Woolaway

Each piece is created, from conception to finish, completely by hand, using Sterling Silver & Precious Gemstones. No two pieces are the same. Commission pieces inquiries are also welcome.

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Rebecca Hartman-Kearns

Rebecca Hartman-Kearns a graduate of the South Australian School of Art is an exciting artist working in the field of glass.

Rebecca has exhibited in a variety of national galleries such as Adelaide Festival Centre, Jam Factory Contemporary Craft and Design Centre and the SA Museum's "Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize", Apotz Cruz, Hahndorf Academy and Amy Worth Gallery. Rebecca also had a solo show during the "Art in the East End, Come Out Festival" where she was awarded the "Mancorps Critics Choice Award".

In 2005 the International Glass Art Society Conference was hosted in Adelaide where Rebecca was awarded third prize in the International Student Exhibition. This international recognition of her unique and original work resulted in an invitation to exhibit in a two-person show "Aurora Australis" at the "Luniverre Gallery", Paris. In 2009 Rebecca was one of 3 Australian Glass artists to be invited to exhibit in "Glashart 2009" held in the Netherlands which resulted in her work being collected to appear in the prestigious "Bragotti Gallery", Amsterdam.

Rebecca's work has appeared in Publications such as Craft Arts International as well as the prestigious New Glass Review 26 and again in edition 28, where 895 artists from 40 countries submitted work to be chosen and her work was one of only 100 to be published.

Her passion for exploring new ideas and creative ways of pushing past boundaries in her making process, concept development and presentation, has resulted in Rebecca establishing a significant profile as a South Australian artist.

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Lynn Elzinga-Henry

Just like the cupboard that everyone has that is chock full of things you can't bear to cast aside, the range of my work, seems on the surface, to be a jumble of diversity. It is one of the problems with having an artistic career that spans more than four decades. However, the connecting thread, although tenuous at times, does exist.

To the question 'what sort of artist are you?' I always hesitate and then say textile artist, because that is where it all began and the richness and diversity of textiles is what continues to inspire me-that and my garden.

In the early 70's I studied an (even then) obscure form of silk painting in a Kimono factory in Kyoto, Japan. My year in Japan was only just enough time to explore and understand the mixing of colours for this exquisite technique of Uzen Zome. The 'true to nature' dye colours were applied to the silk with hand sewn hair brushes to interpret traditional Japanese designs on Kimonos that were then further embellished with gold and silver metallic thread. The initial design was sketched onto the silk with an ink made from the petals of a blue flower and the resist used to hold the dye was made from rice paste which was squeezed from a mulberry paper cone that had been soaked in persimmon juice. How can such an exotic experience not impact your whole life?

Since that time I have used variations of that technique to paint everything from tiny bags to a 70 panel (each panel 2.7x1.2m) children's exhibition that toured Australia for 6 years courtesy of the Adelaide Festival Theatre. I have exhibited widely, represented Australia in Batik art, travelling to SE Asia and Indonesia to conduct workshops and accepted commissions of large scale public works in museums, galleries, schools and civic parks. 

As time has passed and children have grown up, I have found more time to fall under the spell of the wonder and endless beauty that a garden can provide. How to marry the two? Botanical illustration is not my forte but my designs are inspired by the natural and mythical world of nature. Textiles in themselves are not designed to spend a lot of time outdoors in strong light but the colours and flow of dyes on silk are beautifully replicated in translucent glass. These fused glass creations of angels, birds and fish fill the garden with colour even on a winter day.

Physical limitations have meant that I have been unable to continue producing a lot of one off silk pieces so I have embraced my love of texture and had my designs woven in silk and printed as cards. Most recent work includes limited edition digital prints on textiles drawn and coloured in my Adelaide Hills garden studio.

in studio.jpeg
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Rei Minohara-Starke

Rei Minohara-Starke was born and lived in Japan, married an Australian, and moved to Australia in 2004. She holds a Bachelor of Science of Arts with Museum Curator and Art Teacher Certifications from Tokyo’s Joshibi University of Art and Design and in Australia graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery Design at the Central Institute of Technology in Perth. Her work has been shown at various galleries and exhibitions around Australia and overseas. She has received a number of awards and commendations including the Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award in 2013. Rei now works from her studio in Victor Harbor. Her work is drawn from feelings and memories and inspired by the quiet beauty of nature; particularly organic form, patterns and rhythms. She uses silver, sometimes gold, to create subtle and exquisite jewellery that reflects the light and shadows of the natural world and connects to the feeling of simple peace and joy that inspires her.

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Kevin Fidderman

I have been mesmerised by the art and skill of woodturning since I first saw it practised when I was a boy.

My speciality is creative design to maximise the inherent beauty in each piece of wood, deliberately allowing the wood to dictate the resultant shape rather than imposing pre-conceived ideas. No two pieces can ever be the same. 

The knotted and gnarled timber that grows in the junction of a trunk and a branch is always a source of amazing colour and texture, as is timber that grows at the base of the trunk where it joins the root system.

Wood turners traditionally use seasoned wood. I have refined specialised techniques for turning and sanding wet or green timber and enjoy the challenge and uncertainty of the drying process which can take many months. The stresses which are part of the tree structure are released, resulting in each piece changing shape in a unique way while developing surface texture and form which reveals the true nature of the wood.

Enjoy woodturning out there on the edge!

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Lyn Robins

Working as a painter in a wide range of mediums and subjects, Lyn has participated in many joint and solo exhibitions throughout the country. She has won a number of awards and is represented in corporate and private collections, including Bank SA.
A versatile artist/craftsperson, Lyn has illustrated a number of books, encompassing educational material for TAFE, historical anecdotes and children’s books. Her jewellery is innovative and individually designed.
She has taught art at secondary and tertiary levels and conducts adult classes, workshops and weekend schools in pen and wash, watercolours, oils, acrylics and mixed media at her Tranmere Studio.
Lyn currently serves as Vice President for SA Watercolour Society, she is an associate member of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, is on the committee of Off the Slate Gallery Artists Cooperative, Willunga and also has served on the board of the Friends of the South Australian School of Art.
Lyn lectures and demonstrates to art groups throughout the state and conducts weekend and residential workshops.
1960-63 Studied Diploma of Art Teaching at SA College of Advanced Education and the South Australian School of Art and Craft.
1994-96 Bachelor of Design (Jewellery) – University of SA
2016 Goolwa – People’s Choice Award
2015 Royal Show – 1st prize
2015 McLarenvale - Spirit of the Fleurieu Exhibition - !st Prize
2014 Goolwa – People’s Choice Award
2014 Campbelltown – Resident Artist’s award
2014 Kangaroo Island Easter Show - !st prize + People’s Choice
2013 Campbelltown - People’s Choice
2013 Flagstaff hill - 5th Prize
2013 Port Adelaide – People’s Choice
2012 SA Royal Show – 1st Prize Art Purchase Acquisitive Prize - Best in Show
2012 Kangaroo Island – 1st Prize + People’s Choice (purchased by judge)
2012 Campbelltown – People’s Choice
2010 Yorke Peninsula Art Exhibition – Merit Award.
2008 Campbelltown Merit Award
2008 Evoke Art – Best Acrylic Painting
2007 Port Adelaide – 1st Prize Maritime Section (painting purchased by the judge)
2006 Port Adelaide – Merit Award
2006 Masonic SA – Two Merit awards
2006 Campbelltown Resident Artist’s Award
2005 Masonic SA – 2nd Prize
1999 Campbelltown – Merit Award
1997 Guest Artist – Jewellery – “Gully to Grove Exhibitio
1985 - 1994 Fourteen awards including four 1st prizes
Solo Exhibitions:
2007 Waverly House, Willunga, SA
2007 The Studio, Tranmere, Adelaide
1999 Pepper Street Gallery, Adelaide
1994 Regional Art Gallery, Naracoorte SA
1993 Studio Altenburg, Braidwood NSW
1992 Roses Café, Adelaide - Commonwealth Bank Adelaide
1991 The Union Hotel, Adelaide
1990 Local Images Gallery, Penola SA
1988 Tea Tree Gully Steam Flour Mill Gallery, Adelaide
1987 Aramis Gallery, Adelaide
1986 Lombard Gallery,
1985 David Jones Gallery, Adelaide , 1984 , 83 , 82 three others

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Jill Hansbury

Jill is a retired Primary School Teacher with a Graduate Diplomaof Music Education and a Diploma of Visual Art. Having moved to SA in 2012 , Jill is a past member of the Pastel Society of Victoria (PSV) andis now a current member of the Pastel Artists of South Australia (PASA). Jill works from her own photographs in her Stop correcting "preferred" medium of soft pastels and pastel pencils. Her subject matter includes animals andbird life, fungi and flowers( particularly those of Australian eucalypts). She loves to magnify and draw attention to small subjects and their form and colour, revealing that which often goes unnoticed.

 Jill as had three successful solo exhibitions and numerous group exhibitions and commissions. Group exhibitions include: Domain House Gallery at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne; Horsham Regional Gallery Victoria; The Grampians travelling exhibition following the devastating 2006 bushfires and also a number of PSV and PASA exhibitions.


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Nicole Pascal

 I have had a great passion for art throughout my life.

I have worked in cold glass, ceramics, pastel and acrylics and have been a member of Art @ Goolwa Gallery for five years and Convenor for three years.

Achievements include:

Goolwa Regional Art Centre in 2010 a shared Exhibition of Paintings.

Port Elliot 2012 a Solo Exhibition of Pastel Paintings.

A solo exhibiting of Work 2017 at South Coast Regional Art Centre.

3rd prize at Goolwa Art Rotary Show in 2016.

I also showed at the RSASA Characters of the Fleurieu Exhibition April 2016 Signal Point Goolwa.

My art work was accepted for the 2016 Fleurieu Food and Wine Art Prize Hugo Winery


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Denise Maddigan

Denise resumed painting in 2013 after a break of decades following studies for a Diploma of Teaching (Art) in South Australia. During the intervening years her interest in painting was mainly as an intense observer. She works in acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolour, and experiments with media and techniques. Recently drawings, collage and mixed media have been inspirational beginnings for increasingly abstracted expressions of the natural environment. Her inspirations are the coast and hills of the Fleurieu Peninsula and recently the Far North of SA. She was a prize winner in the 2016 Goolwa Art and Photographic Exhibition, and gained commendations in the 2015 Solar Art Prize, and members’ exhibition Port Community Art Centre 2013.


Rotary -  Walkerville 2014, 2016; Goolwa 2014, 2015, 2016; Victor Harbor 2015, 2016, 2017; Port             Adelaide 2015, 2016.

Lions -  Glenside 2014

6th and 7th Solar Art Prize, Royal Society of Arts 2015 and 2016

Port Community Art Centre 2013-2016

SALA 2016, 3-person show, Stepney cafe

South Coast Regional Art Gallery (Goolwa) -‘On your marks’, ’Dire’ and ‘Drawing on Country’ 2016

Cheese Factory group (Goolwa) 2016


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Margi Nolan

Margi has been passionate about drawing and painting most of her life however there have been long periods where life got in the way and she didn’t have the time or headspace to concentrate on her art much.

Margi attended the Stanley Street Art School in the late 60s qualifying as an Art teacher. Her career as a teacher and TAFE lecturer covered most of her working life. During this time she returned to her artistic roots intermittently.

 Since retiring, Margi has been working on her art practice much more, focussing on painting with watercolour techniques which she has been studying for some years now. 

“I have a fascination with the transparencies and colours possible with watercolour - never really knowing how it will turn out, the paint does its own thing as it dries. It’s an exciting exploration that is ongoing. I love it!”

Having grown up in the desert, the colours Margi is drawn to are the warm and rustic colours. Her topics recently have been about the beauty of the aging process of man-made structures, landscapes and nature in all its forms.

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Ivo Tadic

Ivo is originally from Bosnia and from his earliest years has been passionate about art. While completing a teaching degree in Art and Technology in Adelaide Ivo studied photography and sculpture. On a posting to Mount Gambier was surprised that no one in the region was using Limestone for sculpture. After finding a block of limestone in the backyard the journey began for  both Ivo and the region.

25 years later, the region is adorned with many large scale public artworks. Ivo’s work reflects his deep connection to his materials, his community and the environment of the Limestone Coast Region.

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Lorraine Brown

Lorraine Brown has always felt a connection with the art of watercolour. The mediums ability to create unique and unexpected results, its risk and surprise, were special and attractive qualities to the artist; who found risk and surprise at every turn in her creative and professional life. Beginning at an early age in primary school, Lorraine chose to play the trumpet, when only the boys played brass instruments. The youngest and only girl trumpet player in the London Youth Band in the mid 60’s, Lorraine was forging an adventurous and self-propelled creative life.

Lorraine, like her daring watercolours, is defined by her many creative risks. Performing solo at cabarets around the state in her teens, she met her accompaniment bands just moments before she took to the stage. Then, later in life, running her own retail music products business for more than 25 years.

In 2011 Lorraine took part in her first group (SALA) exhibition selling several paintings giving her confidence to develop further as a full time artist. Lorraine has since exhibited in a variety of Adelaide venues, both independently and in group exhibitions with great success.  

Her expressive works are the product of her desire to story tell and to capture the essence of a subject. Working predominantly in watercolour, Lorraine likes to play with creating texture and that something special, taking risks and going anywhere her imagination might take her.

She defines her vivid works as “expressive impressions” and is constantly searching for new ways to use her medium. Lorraine’s paintings are held in private and corporate collections in Australia and overseas. Lorraine resides in Goolwa, South Australia where she paints every day and runs regular classes and workshops in her studio.


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David Chen

David Chen was born in China and holds both Bachelor and Masters degrees in Fine Arts. He also holds a Graduate Diploma in Arts Education. David taught Fine Art in University for several years in China and in 1988 he was appointed an editor at the Peoples Fine Art Publishing House in Beijing where he edited several art magazines. In 1989 the French Embassy in Beijing invited him to hold a solo exhibition, however the exhibition was cancelled and his work was banned as he endured the difficult political climate in China after the events of june 4th, 1989. He later re-emerged as a respected artist and went on to win national and international acclaim .He was selected to participate in the ’100 Famous Chinese Artists’,  a worldwide traveling exhibition in 1991. In 1992 he won the Silver Hawk Award at the Fourth International Art Contest, Nice, France. David arrived in Melbourne in 1993. He was invited to be part of the Hydra Art Group that was founded by the Australian Government and the Art Council. Since coming to Melbourne, David has worked as a fulltime artist and has held numerous solo exhibitions as well as conducting various painting workshops . In 1994 his work was exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria and in 2000, one of his beach paintings was selected to be hung at the United Nations Conference. David's work is represented in private, corporate and municipal collections both in Australia and overseas.

Inquiries welcome as to current David Chen pieces available from The Gallery.

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Katie Wyatt

Katie’s artistic flair is best expressed in large format impressionist pieces that are heavily textured, impasto works, based on her own experiences, memories and photographs.

Katie’s graphic design background is evident through her solid compositions and strong colour contrasts. She skilfully drips and layers paint onto the canvas to tell a story, with the final images evolving, sometimes subconsciously, from these layers.

Katie explores form and line using texture, allowing shapes to unfold from the thick and generous application of impasto and paint. The light is reflected and emphasised from the sculptural effects created by the textured finish. The final stage of varnishing evens out the surface and increases the colour saturation of her work.

Katie’s large-scale portrait of Barry Humphries recently received positive media coverage in The Advertiser, while her many awards and exhibitions speak volumes about her talent.

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Suzie Riley

Using predominately pastel and acrylic, my work is a reflection of all the daily influences in my life, from the little birds and bush that surround my studio, to the rolling hills that lead me to the sea.

As art and life become entwined, I find myself seeking balance, harmony and excitement in both while maintaining clarity and integrity. Reflection on a representational work leads me to abstraction, as I search for the best way to describe a scene or idea.

At this point often a phrase or song will come to mind and the painting begins to take form.

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Roe Gartelmann

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Randall Sach

Randall Sach was introduced to working hot glass in 1993, and what then began as a hobby interest, has now become a consuming passion.

Glass is not a full-time occupation, but does complement and share many similarities to his regular work as a Plastic Surgeon (with Hand Surgery as a major interest).  Common themes include planning and preparation, a technical and scientific basis, manual dexterity, attention to detail, precision, lateral thinking and a creative flair.

His interests remain largely in hot glass, especially cane forms and sculpture.  He enjoys using vibrant colour emphasising translucency, reflectivity, and form to present objects which are strong yet still reflect the fragility of glass.  Much of his work has concentrated on developing anatomic forms in hot glass, with the more recent development of abstract forms exploring glass optics.

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Eamonn Vereker

Eamonn Vereker's glass blowing art is displayed in prominent galleries throughout Australia and around the world. Eamonn is fascinated with the brightness of light in Australia. The contrasts are strong and bold and the different textures offer him a smorgasbord of ideas.  Eamonn is invigorated by the colours, contrasts, vibrancy, richness and brightness that inspires his Australian Glass Collection and Glass Art Exhibition pieces.

The Flinders Range invokes the rugged mountains ranges, spectacular gorges, creeks lined with river gums, abundant wild life, striking colours and tranquil beauty of the landscapes of the Flinders Ranges. Eamonn’s first impression of Australia was that the sky was so big, bright, and endless and so The Outback Range is Eamonn’s most vibrant – and truly shows the bright, strong and energetic colours of Australia. The contrasts are strong and bold and the different textures offer him a smorgasbord of ideas. The sky features strongly in the Outback series and Eamonn asks you to imagine flying over the Australian outback – and look down at the colours, contrasts, patterns and swirls.

The Reef Range represents an integral part of life in Australia – the ocean. Eamonn brings together colour, light and movement to describe in glass, this unique and beautiful underwater world



We exhibit a wide range of exquisite pieces in various sizes and forms from Eamonn's collections. Please feel free to enquire about available works.

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