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Cheryl Hay

In 2004 I suffered a chemical injury at work that desensitised my system so much that I became allergic to the 20th century way of living. I have always had a love for creating art but with acrylics or watercolours. This became impossible as the paints caused the symptoms. I could create with glass as it was a natural substance. So using this as a form of art therapy I created until I was comfortable with the process. With guidance

but mainly self taught due to my limitations appreciation for my creations has grown.

I design my art from happy thoughts of things I have seen. I also create from other people's happy times converting their photographs to mosaic art.

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Ela Hardy

New Picture (39).png

Oil Painting is Ela’s passion. 

Having dabbled with all other mediums, she loves the richness and the depth that can be obtained with oil paint, and the way it comes to life on the canvas. Ela is most interested in still life, especially big, ripe, juicy fruit and loves to add a touch of surrealism to her paintings.

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Carole Bann

20190625_114303 (1280x960).jpg


I am a strong believer in the value of drawing as part of the creative process. I love drawing and nature, the detail, the elements that are missed by a fleeting glance, the beauty of our environment.  I invite the viewer to look deeper, draw them in and offer another level of engagement.

I usually work in MetalPoint (24ct gold, pure silver wire), Coloured pencil and/or Graphite.

These mediums allow for the precision, control of detail and depth of the work I enjoy. 

MetalPoint is a technique that has been used since the time of the old masters and there are very few artists using this medium now. MetalPoint is all consuming, knowing one wrong mark can ruin hours of work My other medium of choice is coloured pencil, Coloured pencil is finally coming into its own as a recognised fine art medium both these mediums suit my style for detail.

The Skeleton is a combination of Metalpoint (24ct gold, pure silver wire), and coloured pencil to give the softness and delicacy that is needed to portray such a fragile object. 

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Simone Lyon



Simone has worked as a professional artist for more than 30 years. She was awarded a 1st class honours degree in fine art, specialising in ceramics, from London University in 1979. Since then has had studios in London, Edinburgh and Liguria in Italy. She has exhibited her work widely in Europe and also in America. For the last four years she has been living and working in South Australia where she exhibits in several galleries.

Simone`s work has evolved over the years, partly in response to the different locations in which she has lived. Her sculpture is mainly figurative although not always realistic; capturing the way people move and interact.


1980-2006 47 Solo and group exhibitions in the UK while living and working in Scotland

2006-2015 4 Solo and group exhibitions in Italy while living and working near Milan


Important Exhibitions:

1979 British Council sponsored participant, International Symposium, Yugoslavia and subsequent Exhibitions in Belgrade and Hungary.

1989 Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh

1990 Broughton Castle, Scottish Borders. Solo Exhibition

1991 Natural History Museum, Tring Solo exhibition

1994 Winston Salam, N. Carolina, USA. Solo exhibition.

1999 Turm Galarie, Bonn, Germany. Solo exhibition.

2001 Grace Garden Gallery, Carlisle. Solo Exhibition.

2006 Strathearn Gallery, Crief Solo Exhibition

2011 Convivio Artistico Lodi, Italy. Solo Watercolour Exhibition

2012 Il Gattino, Lodi, Italy. Solo Watercolour Exhibition

2013 La Grazia, Liguria, Italy . Four Sculptors

2014 Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford

2016 The Strand Gallery, Port Elliot, SA

2017 Signal Point, Goolwa, SA. Two artist collaboration

2018 Chancery Lane Gallery, Adelaide. Solo Exhibition

         Barossa Regional Gallery, SA. Solo Exhibition

2019 The Fleurieu Arthouse,SA Solo Exhibition

Member of the T`Arts collective, Adelaide.

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Stephen Cornwell


Stephen has been involved with visual arts virtually the whole of his life. After graduating with degrees in Visual arts and Education in Newcastle, Stephen spent several years teaching before making the move to being a self employed full time graphic designer. And thats how its been for the past 30+ years.

The last 25 years have been spent in Adelaide primarily as the Creative Director of an Ad and Design Agency that he established with his Director partner (Cate) in North Adelaide some 20 years ago. Very recently Stephen has invested a lot of time in developing his digital artwork that had previously taken a back seat to demanding clients and commercial deadlines.

“It’s nice to spend time developing concepts and images for myself for a change. I like to diversify a bit with works on canvas as well as digital works on paper but for the first time, this year, I’ve really focussed on developing my digital works and building my Living Wallpaper theme which is more playful and has an interesting backstory based on a travel experience I had in New Zealand. 

I’m looking forward to expanding the series which has already grown to include some twenty pieces”. 

Each of Stephens digital images is produced as a limited edition with intergenerational archival media. 

With regard to creative process…

“Each piece is loosely based on the backstory theme and compiled from a diverse range of resources. The most regular resources come from personal texture photographs such as plumbing, wall vents, lamps, power points etc, plus wildlife, landscape and environment shots taken by my son James, as well as stock library resource images (purchased over the last two decades for commercial use by my Ad agency) as well as Public Domain product images and historical photos. 

I modify, manipulate and merge these elements in photoshop with manufactured seamless textures and patterns, combined with completely rebuilt objects and creatures such as the marine iguana which I created from 9 different resources adding applied photoshop illustration & texturing. The “thylacine purse” is another example of an item created entirely in Photoshop. Some artworks are as many as 180 layers deep with varying degrease of transparency inclusive of lighting and shadow effects in order to create the final version” 

It can be a long time completing a series piece. I often jump from one to another and some remain unresolved for many weeks before Im happy with the final assemblage. Quite a few concepts never make it but are usually saved as future resources."

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Roy Brammer


Born in the UK, moved to Australia in 1974 and settling in SA, eventually moving to Goolwa in 2002.

I have always as long as I can remember enjoyed painting and drawing. After working in oils and acrylics for a number of years I discovered the joys and unpredictability of watercolour. The paint almost seems alive as it moves, mixes and changes on the paper in front of your eyes. You let it do its own thing as much as possible and that can lead to some happy accidents.

Perhaps only another watercolour painter will understand what I am talking about when I say that.

I try to convey to someone looking at my work an emotion. Passion, tranquillity, tension, drama. The painting has to say something to the viewer.

 I am mainly self-taught although I have attended numerus courses during my painting career and the one thing about painting is you are always learning. Trying to find better ways to do things, not being too precious about your work. You have to take risks, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.

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Alison Halliday


Alison was born in Adelaide into a creative family of musicians and artists.  As a child she would draw on any paper she could find and her father, an engineering draughtsman, would bring home large rolls of discarded mechanical drawings on which his children could draw on the back.

In secondary school, given subject options, Alison always chose the course which offered Art and her first ‘commission’ was in her final year to design and paint a large semicircular panel on the landing of a staircase leading to the second floor of the high school.

She was awarded a Leaving Teaching Scholarship and subsequently studied at the SA School of Art and Western Teachers College (now part of UniSA) for three years.

Alison taught Visual Arts in various secondary public and private city and country schools, which extended over a period of twenty eight years.  She taught predominantly drawing, painting, design, lettering, print-making, ceramics, sculpture and some batik, leatherwork, weaving and jewellery.

In between those years Alison spent two years travelling and working around the world.  This included designing leather coats in Istanbul for a small leather shop and in London seeking out publishers to print  a children’s story book called ‘Bartimaeus’ which she had illustrated in her spare time before leaving Australia.

Whilst teaching at Faith Lutheran College Alison took the opportunity of participating in the College musicals performed in the professionally appointed Brenton Langbein Theatre as Scenic Artist from 1998.  She was the chief Scenic Artist for all their musical productions since the theatre was opened. 

Under her direction at Faith College as a teacher of Visual Arts or as Scenic Artist, Alison has mentored students who have subsequently followed professions in art-house film making, dress designing, set designing, or as professional artists or art teachers.

The experience of reproducing art works on a large scale in the theatre gave Alison the expertise to accept the offer in 2014 of designing and painting the 150th Springton Anniversary Artwork measuring 12 x 3 metres, funded by  Country Arts, the Barossa Council and the Springton Progress Association.  She collaborated with sculptor Trent Manning who applied the metal elements included in the mural design.  Local volunteers assisted in the painting of the art work as well as some selected Springton Primary School students.

Since her official retirement from Faith College in 2011 Alison has continued to actively pursue her own art work full time, in mainly acrylic and oil painting, including some collage. Most of her artworks aim to make a statement by using symbolism.  Her work is stylized and basically representational and she enjoys linking lines and shapes which are emphasised by strong textures and colour.

Alison’s art works can be found in Canberra, Wollongong, Washington DC, Sheffield, London and Zurich, Switzerland.

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Michelle Stratton

New Picture (9).png

For as long as I can recall, creative expression has both excited me and helped to bring me into the here and now. From capturing the beauty of nature to the whimsy of animals, there are many themes that resonate in my work. Recently I've enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of mixed media, particularly the ability it affords me to explore the interaction between materials. I'm forever surprised by the results as they take me in new and playful directions including the organic granulation of water colour pigments, the smooth tonal gradations of oil paint, and with the boldness and flexibility of acrylic paint, all bring unique qualities to my work and are a joy to explore.

As a qualified secondary art and design teacher, I have had the opportunity to work with, and learn from, many aspiring artists and designers over the years. Currently, when I’m not making my own art, I love sharing my love of creating and discovering new media as an art tutor with adults and children at the Henley and Grange Arts Society.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Education (Secondary Art and Design) - University of South Australia, and a Certificate of Art Therapy – College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy

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Lise Temple

profile pic.jpg

My art practice encompasses a diverse range of subjects, but I am best known for my abstract landscapes, a series inspired by the colours, contrasting light and broad shapes of the South Australian agricultural landscape.

These paintings investigate the temporal experience of viewing the landscape. The progress of the seasons and the agricultural processes on the land create a series of transient views. The paintings portray the movement of light over land, the cycle of growth in plants and soil, the flamboyant persistence of roadside weeds. The textures, colours and patterns, undergoing daily changes. The shifting nature is heightened by the experience of driving, moving through the view, watching shapes shift with changing perspective. During the painting process, grasses or branches become gestures, roads are made into formal borders between shapes, skies are fragmented and used as tonal intrusions. Relationships between landscape elements are shifted as happens when the viewer moves through the landscape. When produced in this way, the paintings become landscape journeys exploring the passage of time.

 In addition to these lyrical abstract landscapes I have been developing a range of abstracted interiors, made with a collage methodology.

Selected Awards and Exhibitions

2018    Finalist Bluethumb Art Prize, Melbourne, Vic.

2017    Finalist Hadleys Art Prize, Hobart, Tas.

2016    Exhibition        Little Boxes, Adelaide Town Hall, SA.

2015    Finalist             Muswellbrook Art Prize, Muswellbrook, NSW.

2015    Imago Mundi, international touring exhibition, curated by Benneton Foundation.

2014    Exhibition        Back Roads, Hahndorf Academy, SA.

2013    Winner               City of Burnside Art Prize, SA.

2013    Winner               Watershed Art Prize, SA.

2011    Exhibition        The Road to Here, Barossa Regional Gallery, Tanunda, SA.

2011    Winner              Barossa Art Prize, SA.

2010    Director’s Choice, Greenhill Galleries @ the Hilton Hotel, Adelaide, SA.

Frequent finalist          Whyalla Art Prize, Whyalla, SA.

Frequent finalist          Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale, Fleurieu Vistas Prize, McLaren Vale, SA.

2005    Winner                         Heysen Prize for Australian Landscape, Hahndorf Academy, SA.

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Amanda Anderson

New Picture (9).png

Amanda Anderson has studied drawing and oil painting with Trevor Newman and pen and wash with John Mathieson. She is a member of AAS and has attended numerous workshops with Australian and overseas artists in both oil and watercolour. More recently her affection for dogs and passion for drawing has culminated in dog portraits. Pastel is the perfect medium to capture their expression and bring their eyes to life. She is “drawn to dogs.”

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Helene Hardy


My passion for abstraction presents a fluid and organic aesthetic that is thought provoking and evocative.

 My large scale works in acrylic have been acquired by corporate institutions worldwide, including an Australian High Commission, and are now in many homes and private collections across Australia, America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Singapore.

 I aim to communicate a diverse array of emotions through my art, drawing inspiration from the breath-taking and ever-changing view from my studio in the Adelaide Hills.

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James McFarlane

James McFarlane.jpg

James McFarlane was born in Mildura, Victoria and grew up in the Riverland, South Australia.  In 2005 he relocated to Adelaide to begin studies in Hotel Management.  After completion he began employment within the private establishment clubs of Adelaide as a steward, working his way up to a management position; It was here, surrounded by both traditional and contemporary fine art that his appreciation for painting was realised, with exceptional artists and their collections becoming the backdrop to his everyday working environment.

 In 2014 James acquired his first studio space at 95 Currie Street, and began making the change towards painter.  While his early work was very good, it lacked the discipline and production of one with a trained art background. 

 In 2015 James undertook training with acclaimed artist Tony Smibert, who taught him the systems necessary to develop his ideas, translate them and execute them in a disciplined manner.  It was this fundamental training that he needed to express his new craft.

 James’ earlier work reflected that of traditional and conventional art.  He has a keen interest in the Old Masters and made studies into Dutch and Flemish technique, intrigued by the slow building of layers to create depth within paintings.  As he grew into his own however, the desire to capture the exact likeness of manmade things became less important and his motivation moved towards emotive and abstract concepts. A strong focus on application and the individual brush mark, becoming a reoccurring theme.                         

 Today James’ work looks at the relationships of space, time and rhythm; one can see these concepts clearly within his unique style.

The work invites the audience to be transported to a new mental environment, to mediate between the marks and layers. 

“I hope the works to have a meditative quality about them, to appeal on an emotive level, as to call, to a dormant, primitive consciousness.” James McFarlane

 James works predominately in oils and watercolour and is currently working on his debut solo exhibition.

 James currently lives on Hindmarsh Island, South Australia.

It is in my nature to make order and organise; a big part of my new practice is to go “with the flow”.  To embrace every mark, whether it be a right or wrong, and take each mark and to accept them all.  There are, no right or wrong marks.  Simply marks.

 My work looks at these individual brush marks, their placement to each other and their relationships to other marks.  These brush marks are made often with certain pigments that have a unique personality, not in a sense of their colour, but in how the pigments react to each other, their surface and medium.

I then place these marks in an ordered-chaos, of rhythm, space and time. 

I like to think that these marks have no referencing or origin. No bold or thought provoking statements are being made. Only to create a visual, which I hope is interesting to the eye, and perhaps stirs the viewer’s imagination.

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Gray Hawk

Exquisite, bespoke furniture objects, handmade with outstanding technical excellence by designer-maker Gray Hawk from his studio in Adelaide.

Gray Hawk has been commissioned to design and make bespoke furniture for over 40 years. Steeped in history, tradition and experience—his daily challenge is to generate objects with the utmost integrity, unique art furniture, handmade using locally sourced, wind-felled trees. For this reason Gray uses tools, machines and processes which produce the highest possible quality. Gray is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and the great artistry in his bespoke furniture designs


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Llewelyn Ash

Llewelyn Ash has been working in glass since 2008, Learning to blow glass at the University of South Australia., being guided and mentored by Gabrielle Bisetto and tutored by Tim Shaw. Llewelyn created his own unique and distinctive style, prior to discovering glass he painted and created etching from drawings. He now incorporates his printmaking designs onto the glass using the graphic qualities of line to express ideas.

Llewelyn has always been connected with his surroundings. Growing up in the Adelaide hills enriched his experience of natural flora and fauna. Art began in the home for him with both parents being artists, Glen Ash, well-known for his oil painting and Janet Ayliffe a celebrated water colour painter and print maker. From a young age Llewelyn started drawing the animals he was surrounded by,.. chooks, ducks, dogs, and donkeys. Surfing then became a major part of Llewelyn’s journey, moving down the South Australian coastline along every peninsula.  It was only fitting to fill his drawing books with images of the ocean, with its sea life, and the natural beach landscapes

Llewelyn has recently completed a two year intensive glass blowing training program at the Jam Factory in Adelaide. His work has been exhibited in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in the last two years with achievements including the Design Institute of Australia award, finalist in the Australian National Glass Museum Student Award and Winter lights exhibition Federation square, selected as a Jam Factory Associate,  the Jam Factory Pilchuck Scholarship in Seattle and won the Young Artist for Whyalla Art Prize, Briton sculpture Prize and Waterhouse Youth Art Prize. 

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Cheryl Rogers

I am new to the local Art Scene and have only lived in this area since 2015.

 I have always had an interest in hand crafts of all types but only began doing

Mosaic after attending a class in Goolwa in October 2015.

Mosaic has now become my passion. After having dabbled in Ceramic Mosaics,

 I prefer to work with glass and find pleasing results in both realistic designs as

well as abstract and fantasy.

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Dean Fox

Dean’s inspiration as a sculptor comes from the beautiful environment of Kangaroo Island in South Australia where he lives. The beaches and bush are a constant source of ideas and natural materials.

From a childhood in the Adelaide Hills, a working life in the city, Dean made a lifestyle change to Darwin in the tropical north. Soon a career move led him from insurance to the building and metalwork industry where he learnt the many skills he now employs in his creative work.

A quieter life beckoned and Kangaroo Island’s gentle pace, unique environment and creative energy made it the ideal choice.

Working in metal, recycled copper and brass, Dean has an innate ability to capture the essence of a subject through movement and observation to detail.

“Dean has a technical virtuosity and engages in meticulous work with real sensitivity to materials” – Lisa Slade -  Art Gallery of South Australia.

Dean won the People’s Choice Award at National Wine Centre of Australia – SALA 2015 for his work in copper and brass -  “Beneath”.

Dean shares an open studio and home gallery with his artist partner Jennifer, on Kangaroo Island.

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Tom was born in Quorn South Australia in 1974. His interest in art began at a young age, developing his artistic skills throughout his school years. Tom worked as a mural artist in his early twenties. He gained valuable experience working on mural commissions in Queensland and South Australia. Settling on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Tom worked on canvas and spent twelve months painting the surrounding coastline and national parks of the Noosa region. He held his first exhibition in 1997. 

In this time, Tom met his future wife, Kate, and together they moved back to South Australia where they have lived and raised their two daughters for the past 20 years. Working in oil on canvas, Toms light filled coastal images, still life paintings and Australian landscapes have been recognised and awarded numerous prestigious art prizes, most notably, twice winning best of show at the Camberwell art show in Melbourne (2007 and 2009). Other Camberwell art show awards include best Australian landscape (twice) and best still life (twice). Tom is also a three times winner of the Victor Harbor art show. As a painter of light and form, Tom’s subject matter is wide and varied. His passion for coastal vistas and landscapes also extends to his still life and native bird paintings, coastal flora, industrial landscapes, and his more recent bark and flame series of works.

Tom's work is in collections throughout Australia and overseas, with paintings in Dubai, USA, Canada, Vanuatu, Shanghai and Switzerland.

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Jennifer Woodhouse

I am an artist living on beautiful Kangaroo Island in South Australia. My journey to here has been a colourful and interesting one.

From Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, where I was born and grew up and feel blessed to have experienced the beauty of Africa ,her images, music and people to England where I was able to tap into my Celtic heritage .Then on to Australia, finally settling in the tropical north in Darwin where I spent over 30 years.

I trained as a professional Window Dresser and spent many years enjoying a creative working life for the most part working freelance.

From a very young age I loved to collect things from the natural world. I still do to this day and use many in my still life setups for drawings .I am largely a self taught artist and while I work in pastels my favourite medium is colour pencil and graphite which allows me to create the fine detail I so enjoy doing. You are able to see the essence of things.

I am also fascinated by things that are past. The vitality of life may have gone but another beauty remains. Telling a story from within. The small and everyday also have a beauty and reminds us of the beautiful and fragile world we live within.

My hope is my art brings that awareness and a desire to care.

I have enjoyed a successful solo exhibition and been part of several group shows in Adelaide at the National Wine Centre during SALA over the years and on Kangaroo Island being awarded 1st Prize and Best in Show at the Easter Art Exhibition 2015.

I have work in private collections around Australia, England and Switzerland.

Lisa Slade, Curator at the Art Gallery of South Australia commented – “Marvellous, incredible kind of miracles of close observation beautifully drawn. Jennifer produces them on drafting film that have a kind of magic about them”

All research material for my work is ethically sourced.

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