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Artworx Gallery - currently celebrating its 10th anniversary - is a regular award winner and the finest contemporary art gallery on South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula.

Lorraine Lewitzka - Whistle Stop Solo Exhibition

Artworx Gallery & Gifts is excited to announce the next of the Solo Art Exhibitions to be held at The Whistlestop Restaurant over the coming year.

We are delighted to introduce our featured artists, LORRAINE LEWITZKA.

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This exhibition is largely inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites of the late 1800’s with many images drawn from vintage photographs. The works depict various stages of life with the red flowers promising and indicating new organic growth or birth. In contrast the falling leaves and withering petals are symbols of the passing of life also and that all things, even in their beauty, come to an end. Lorraine has endeavoured to stylize the female subjects to reveal the inner transient qualities of human kind, that special quality and mystery within each person, hence the slightly ethereal and ghostly quality to some of the works.

Lorraine’s six week exhibition will run daily, commencing on Monday 25th March, normal restaurant hours.

The Whistlestop Restaurant, 7 Hays Street Goolwa, S.A. (Across from Artworx)

New Artist - Lise Temple

Lise Temple, Artist, (SA)

My art practice encompasses a diverse range of subjects, but I am best known for my abstract landscapes, a series inspired by the colours, contrasting light and broad shapes of the South Australian agricultural landscape.

These paintings investigate the temporal experience of viewing the landscape. The progress of the seasons and the agricultural processes on the land create a series of transient views. The paintings portray the movement of light over land, the cycle of growth in plants and soil, the flamboyant persistence of roadside weeds. The textures, colours and patterns, undergoing daily changes. The shifting nature is heightened by the experience of driving, moving through the view, watching shapes shift with changing perspective. During the painting process, grasses or branches become gestures, roads are made into formal borders between shapes, skies are fragmented and used as tonal intrusions. Relationships between landscape elements are shifted as happens when the viewer moves through the landscape. When produced in this way, the paintings become landscape journeys exploring the passage of time.

 In addition to these lyrical abstract landscapes I have been developing a range of abstracted interiors, made with a collage methodology.

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Tina Barr - Whistle Stop Solo Exhibition

Artworx Gallery & Gifts is excited to announce the first of this year’s Solo Art Exhibitions to be held at The Whistlestop Restaurant over the coming year.

We are delighted to introduce the first of our featured artists, TINA BARR.


As an award winning artist, Tina tries to catch the essence of the things she sees and not an exact representation. Capturing the feelings and atmosphere of a time and place are the most important things to her when painting, because these are the aspects of her work that connects to people who look at them. Tina often paints plein air (on-site) to capture the essence of place around Goolwa and Victor Harbor.

Tina has been described as an abstract impressionist and, while her paintings may be slightly abstract, they still convey the atmosphere and feelings of reality. Although her works are representational and recognisable, there is enough abstract of both form and colour to add the mystery needed to invite further investigation by the imagination.
Tina’s bold brush produces a sense of freedom that is pleasing to the eye and imagination.

‘My paintings bring back memories of places we have been - places we have lived, holidays spent or places that have a special meaning to us as a constant reminder of some of the best places and times we have experienced’.

Tina has sold paintings in Australia and several countries around the world, participating in many group Rotary and College shows, including solo exhibitions at the Lombard Gallery, and the Scarlattis Gallery at Mouth Surmon Wines, Clare.

She is a member of the Adelaide Art Society.

Tina’s six week exhibition will run daily, commencing on Sunday 10th February, normal restaurant hours.

The Whistlestop Restaurant, 7 Hays Street Goolwa, S.A. (Across from Artworx)

New Artist - James McFarlane

It is in my nature to make order and organise; a big part of my new practice is to go “with the flow”.  To embrace every mark, whether it be a right or wrong, and take each mark and to accept them all.  There are, no right or wrong marks.  Simply marks.

 My work looks at these individual brush marks, their placement to each other and their relationships to other marks.  These brush marks are made often with certain pigments that have a unique personality, not in a sense of their colour, but in how the pigments react to each other, their surface and medium.

I then place these marks in an ordered-chaos, of rhythm, space and time. 

 I like to think that these marks have no referencing or origin. No bold or thought provoking statements are being made.Only to create a visual, which I hope is interesting to the eye, and perhaps stirs the viewer’s imagination


New Artist - Gray Hawk

Exquisite, bespoke furniture objects, handmade with outstanding technical excellence by designer-maker Gray Hawk from his studio in Adelaide.

Gray Hawk has been commissioned to design and make bespoke furniture for over 40 years. Steeped in history, tradition and experience—his daily challenge is to generate objects with the utmost integrity, unique art furniture, handmade using locally sourced, wind-felled trees. For this reason Gray uses tools, machines and processes which produce the highest possible quality. Gray is renowned for his meticulous attention to detail and the great artistry in his bespoke furniture designs




We are pleased to announce our upcoming Exhibition 


October 28th to November 20th

Featured Artists

Iroda Adil - Llewelyn Ash - Peter Coad - Bruce Davey - Dean Fox

Mark Judd - Lorraine Lewitzka - Tom O’Callaghan - Graeme Townsend



The Gallery will be open all days 10 am - 4.30 pm except Tuesdays



Artworx Gallery is thrilled to welcome our next Artist in Residence


Working as a painter in a wide range of mediums and subjects, Lyn has participated in many joint and solo exhibitions throughout the country. She has won a number of awards and is represented in corporate and private collections, including Bank SA.A versatile artist/craftsperson, Lyn has illustrated a number of books, encompassing educational material for TAFE, historical anecdotes and children’s books. She has taught art at secondary and tertiary levels and conducts adult classes, workshops and weekend schools in pen and wash, watercolours, oils, acrylics and mixed media at her Tranmere Studio. Lyn currently serves as Vice President for SA Watercolour Society, she is an associate member of the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, is on the committee of Off the Slate Gallery Artists Cooperative, Willunga and also has served on the board of the Friends of the South Australian School of Art. Lyn lectures and demonstrates to art groups throughout the state and conducts weekend and residential workshops.

We are excited to have award winning artist, Lyn Robins, in our Gallery demonstrating her unique talents. Call in and say hello to Lyn in person.
20 October 2018 11am - 3pm

Sala Exhibition, IT TAKES TWO TO SALA


'It Takes Two to Sala'.

We are thrilled to represent such an amazing, diverse group of talented artists at this year's Artworx Sala exhibition, 1st - 31st August 2018.. 



The Gallery will be open all days 10 am - 4.30 pm except Tuesdays


We are excited to have these stunning artworks in the Gallery, by renowned Hyperrealist painter, Graeme Townsend.


Just arrived in the gallery, exciting new oils by leading artist, Tom O'Callaghan.


SATURDAY & SUNDAY MAY 19-20TH 1pm - 3pm

Artworx Gallery is thrilled to welcome our next artist in Residence -  Woodwork artist,


 He will be demonstrating his woodworking skill at the Gallery, Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th of May, between 1pm - 3pm each day.

New Artwork

New work from exhibition artists, Mike Barr, David Chen, John Lacey, Suzie Riley, Victoria Rolinski, Katie Wyatt, Tim Shaw, and Tony Cabone. VISUAL IDIOM exhibition, currently on display.


 Officially launched by Peter Goers!

VISUAL IDIOM - The Art of Self Expression

APRIL 29th - MAY 20th   2018

We have much pleasure in presenting the Artworx Gallery and Gifts Exhibition, 'Visual Idiom', featuring new work by our wonderful artists: David Chen, John Lacey, Mike Barr, Victoria Rolinski, Katie Wyatt, Suzie Riley, Tim Shaw and Tony Cabone. 




artworx April j.jpg

The Gallery will be open all days 10 am - 4.30 pm except Tuesdays

New Artist - Rebecca Cooke

Rebecca Cooke is a South Australian visual artist/contemporary painter living in the Adelaide Hills. Inspired by the natural world she  creates art that depicts an interpretive style: pattern, colour, flora and fauna. " My paintings celebrate nature and my own fascination with pattern design and global traditional arts and crafts. A background in graphic design informs my approach and illustrative elements. Trees, hills, sky, waterways and animal forms are rendered in acrylic paint, with details given a decorative quality - through the added influence of motifs, patterns, repetition of shapes and colour. At the centre of each painting is the bird or fish, heroes of my artistic worlds and the representation of freedom, beauty and harmony."


Katie Wyatt

Barnd new Katie Wyatt Oils


Just arrived in the gallery, lovely new watercolours by popular local artist, Lorraine Lewitzka.

New Oils by David Chen

We have several exquisite new original oil paintings by David Chen newly arrived to The Gallery.


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