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Mary Woolaway

Mary was born in Holland and immigrated to Australia in 1972. Graduating a Visual Art Degree in 2010 with a major in Jewellery and minor in Painting, Mary took on a third medium, that of Scraperboard Etching. A delicate, precise process using a small needle like tool and scratching fine lines in a layer of Indian ink, which reveals a clay layer underneath, to create a picture. She also began to set up the Red Shed Studio/Gallery in O’Halloran Hill with her partner, which was officially opened in 2010.

Mary takes her incentive and inspiration for her Scraperboard Etchings from the nature. The challenge of creating a three dimensional work of art on a flat surface by using small lines is a process Mary really enjoys mastering. Her work as an artist is an ongoing process and is the result of the dialogue between her and the material. She is both inspired and motivated by: the materials, the meditative process and the natural environment.

Mary Woolaway Jewellery

Mary has an exquisite range of jewellery. These pieces are currently within The Gallery.

Mary’s Scraperboard Technique

Scraperboard is made up of three layers; hardboard, absorbent kaolin clay and black India ink. I use various tools to scratch the black ink away and create different textures by exposing the white clay below. I prefer to work in black and white but sometimes add watercolours or gouache to the exposed clay. Large and complex pieces can take hundreds of hours to be completed due to the many layers of tiny scratches that cover the board. This can be an unforgiving medium, as you can’t just erase mistakes. Patience is required for this type of art! 

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