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Mark Spurgin

Marc Spurgin is an Australian born visionary artist celebrated for his metal sculptures. His inspiration for creating art is to evoke awe and wonder in the hope of awakening the divine within.
Much of Marc's expertise and desire to work with metal stems from his forbearers through five generations of blacksmithing. 
Marc first decided to make metal sculpturing a profession in 2010 after studying welding and blacksmithing. He chose steel as his medium of choice owing to its adaptability and enduring strength of material.
Initially his strong determination to construct three-dimensional forms led Marc to the art of sculpturing. Welding scrap metal became a medium through which he could do this.

As an artist never shying from a challenge, the possibilities of rendering the accurate complexities of the human and animal bodies with such a crude and industrial material as iron greatly intrigued Marc.

Marc has explored the different traditional uses of metal as an artistic medium. One-of-a-kind furniture pieces, functional art forms and artistic environments are common commission themes. Between commissions he creates paintings and sculptures to exhibit at art galleries, festivals and shows.
Marc is very progressive in his abilities as a sheet metal sculptor and is confident that he can bring to life any client requests. “My goal is to make a client’s vision a physical reality that the client will treasure for years to come”.

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