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Painting to Music

Nothing stirs the heart and emotions like music.  It can make us happy, it can make us soar and we all know at least one piece of music that can bring us to tears and not necessarily from sadness. Many artists have learned how to harness this power when they paint and some even blog what music they listened to when they painted a particular work. Music can elevate our mood and can free our timidity with the brush too and of course this will depend on our personal taste. Music while painting isn’t everyone’s thing, but it’s well worth a try to taste its potential magic. I believe there are several benefits to combining music and art.

  • It can lift our spirits so much that it can expand our perceived capabilities. Simply, we can believe we can do things beyond what we thought possible. It’s true!

  • Music can distract us from thinking too much about the process of art. It can free our minds to do art. This state of mind is otherwise called being in the zone and we can find that art has rhythm as well as music. It’s true!

  • Importantly, music can blot out the distractions and worries of life that beckon us constantly. Someone once commented that to paint well our life needs to be in order and without stress. Well, I’m still yet to meet such a person! Let music sooth your soul and let it help you to immerse yourself in the moment. It works!  

As for what kind of music is best, it must be stuff that you love. I have a regular dose of Enya while painting and enjoy its ethereal themes. Sometimes while painting rainy street scenes, I will turn to popular songs that mention the rain, such as: Have you ever seen the rain – CCR, Kentucky Rain - Elvis, Rainy days and Mondays – The Carpenters, Why does it always rain on me? – Travis and my favourite, I hear laughter in the Rain by Neil Sedaka.  I know that I’m preaching to many who have converted – so what do you listen to while painting?

Merry Painting and a Happy New Canvas

Mike Barr


                                  A White Christmas on the Torrens This Year? (2004)



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