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Finding Your Painting Style

I've heard many artists say that they are trying to find a style - particularly those who are new to painting.  Also, many of us that have been painting for a while think they have don't have a style yet. The thing is, we already have a style - it just needs to be recognised.

Sometimes, what we mean is, we want to paint like someone else  and we are looking around to see who we might emulate.

 Eventually though, even though we might take on someone else's style we nearly always revert back to what we do naturally.  Unfortunately, some artists actually do become clones of other artists, both in style and content, but they are never quite the real deal as artists.

An often repeated comment is "I would love to paint like you"  and some attend workshops of artists they like in the hope that this might come true. The fact is, if tutor artists thought that their students would end up painting like them, then workshops would quickly become a thing of the past!

It's true that during a workshop, students  will come up with paintings that resemble the style of the tutors, but generally it ends there. Once we are at home we find that we paint like we always did.

The point of workshops is not to change your style, but to get better at your own style.  One of two things picked up in the workshop or demonstration and always put into practice at home, will make the experience invaluable.  

Painting style is as personal as handwriting - we are all taught how to write but we all do it differently.  We all know how to walk but every single person has their own unique way of doing it - the same goes with painting.

Learn to recognise your own style, embrace it and love it - it's you!

 A run through a mixed painting exhibition will show how each artist is different in their own way. This is because each of them has their own style.  Some artists like John Lacey from South Australia  (his work can be seen at Arworx Gallery) paints traditional and contemporary work,  but his own personal style shines through in both forms of work.

Over time our styles will develop and grow as we improve our painting skills, but this will come naturally and not as a result of wishing to change our style - it just happens.  

Enjoy the journey!

Mike Barr



 Mike Barr

Burnside Showers - 100x100cm acrylic on canvas


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