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Excel At One Thing

Excel At One Thing And Become Better At The Rest

A lot of artists get criticised for painting similar works, but any artist who is serious about becoming known for their painting, will produce series of similar themed works and their work becomes recognisable. Artists become known for the type of work they do and although they may paint many subjects, there is at least one that they will be known for. Conversely, those who paint everything can easily  be known for nothing.

Apart from the aspect of becoming known for a particular subject, there is a far more important benefit to painting similar things, at least for a while. As in anything that we repeat, we tend to get better at it.  It is the only way progress is ever made in so many things we do in life, whether at home, at work or at play.

By trying to paint every available subject possible, we never become truly proficient at anything. Just when we may be making some progress on skies, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to be changing to pet portraits and then to still life.  It doesn't mean we have to 'just' do one thing, but it does mean that if we feel the need to progress, then we are best served by concentrating most of our efforts in just one direction.

Such a focussed course of action can get some adverse reactions and you may hear - "Is that all you can paint"  or "Isn't it time to try something else" or worse! The path an artist takes is their own and belongs to no one else and just because someone would love us to paint gum trees, it's no reason at all to do so. 

We have got to love what we paint before others can love it too.

As we get 'better' at painting that one thing we love, it has two additional benefits. Firstly, confidence is gained in the painting process that will show in our work and secondly, it will enable us to tackle new subjects with the skills and confidence we have acquired.

A visit to your local gallery like the Artworx Gallery in Goolwa, will show all the artists who have specialised and become somewhat of an expert in at least one subject. It doesn't mean that they will always paint like that, but it is how they have succeeded in what they do.

Mike Barr


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