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Artworx Gallery - currently celebrating its 10th anniversary - is a regular award winner and the finest contemporary art gallery on South Australia's Fleurieu Peninsula.

All Roads Lead To Artworx

All Roads Lead to Artworx

I was very excited when asked recently by Liz and John, enthusiastic owners of Artworx Gallery and Gifts, if I could put together a regular art-related blog for the Artworx website. It gives me a chance to enthuse about art, the Artworx Gallery and Goolwa - what could be better than that! Yes, I'm certainly biased - but for good reason. 

When Artworx pioneers, Wendy and John Middleton established the gallery in 2005, I had just started to exhibit in Rotary Shows. Being invited to show at Artworx was a giant leap forward for myself and others, who have since been a part of this unique gallery, in which we have all grown up together.

I first heard of Goolwa when I was about 19, from an almost-retired work associate, Bill, who was continually harping on about "going up to Goolwa for the weekend" with his new HQ Holden and boat in tow. I always thought he meant 'Gawler' and assumed he was just saying it incorrectly, never really understanding why he was taking a boat to Gawler, yet it all became clear a year or so later.

During our South Coast honeymoon in 1976 Tina and I stumbled upon Goolwa. I still remember the impression of the vastness of the beach and the roar of the continuous ocean swell as it crashed along it's unending shore. Nearly thirty years later, that same beach became one of my major painting interests and I regard it as one of the best kept secrets in South Australia.

Victor has been our traditional family holiday destination, but in recent years we have also gravitated to the wonder of Goolwa through our association with Artworx. Towns are known for their points of interest, which become destinations in themselves. Goolwa certainly has them - you've got to see the river, you've got to see the bridge, you've got to see the beach and you've got to pop into Artworx. There is a growing number of us from around the world that do just that!

I look forward to talking about art, artists and what makes it all tick. I hope artists are encouraged to greater things and those who are not artists, to take it up! I encourage anyone who hasn't been to Artworx to come down and take in the ever-changing world of art within its doors - as I have often heard, there is something there for everyone and it's true!


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