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The Rise of Decor Art

If you've been involved in the art world for a while you will know that as far as paintings go, the biggest selling items are those bought to match home or office decor. If it's not true in other countries, it's certainly the case in Australia.

Even though it's not altogether a very modern phenomenon, it is has certainly exploded in recent years and it looks like it's here to stay.  After all, nothing will enhance a home like a beautiful painting.

As with most other painting genres, decor art has the good, the bad and the ugly.  Put plainly, great art of this type is not easy to do, even though thousands of artists have a go because it's seen as the easiest.

Art to match the curtains is not just confined to the abstract either. Even art with traditional themes and methods can fall into this category - if the colours suit.

Decor artists are really up against the odds on a couple of fronts. Firstly, there is stuff coming from overseas at a price that will only cover the cost of a canvas in Australia. Shops have sprung up to just sell this overseas art because even after shipping costs, the work is still cheap and allows the seller to make a profit.

The other thing working against artists who produce original decor art is the art-print industry.  Framers now have access to thousands of digital art pieces that can be printed on canvas or paper at enormous sizes for much lower prices than original art.  Artists can make good prints of their works too. But by the time the cost of top-end photography, printing and the commission of a gallery is taken into account, there isn't much left for the artist.

Many think that blazing colour is good decor art, and while these can make great statement pieces, good decor art will have their own encapsulated and thought-out colour theme.  The really standout artists are aware of this and produce some wonderful work that doesn't hurt the eyes or senses, but compliments particular decors. It certainly is an art that’s lacking in the cheap overseas product.

A question I’m sure comes up in the minds of more traditional artists is.. shall I also turn my hand to this type of work?  I say, why not!  The important thing is not to give up on what you do already and be true to yourself by continuing in your core artistic pursuit but at the same time have another line of work. Not many do this or even think that is possible. Fortunately you can’t be fined for doing so!

Happy painting adventures!

Mike Barr

Surf and Sails (detail) acrylic on canvas.

Surf and Sails (detail) acrylic on canvas.


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